Monday, 22 April 2013

Display Cabinet Part 4 - Completed and delivered

I completed the display cabinet and delivered it to my customer.
I had already worked out that the cabinet should fit in the car but when we tried to get it in we found that due to the curved shape it would hit on the underside of the boot/trunk compartment. My wife had the brilliant idea of using her convertible sportscar to put it on the back seat. We opened the hood and lifted it over onto the back seat. It was a little like the Antiques Roadshow where you see the ancient French 2CV convertible with a huge grandfather clock on the back seat.
The cabinet fitted in with no problems...I knew that sportscar would be useful as a load lugger one day!

Here are a few pictures of the finished article in situ.

I really must change my car for a truck!

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