Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Drawer Pull Metric

Drawer Pull Metric:

3D model by tmcwoodworks
Drawer pull desined and built by TMCWoodWorks used on my implementation of the TWW Guild Chest Of Drawers project.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Dewalt DT7612 Quick Change - Drill & Drive Accessory System Review

This accessory is offered by Dewalt to enable the user to drill  and counter sink holes and then tighten up screws without having to use a different drill or screwdriver attachment.
Blow moulded box

I had about 400 pozidrive #2 head screws to put into a project I was building and didn't relish the task. Either I had to buy another drill or get a quick change head. I opted for the latter.

The device comprises:

  • A main drive holder with a hex drive shank that fits into the drill chuck. It has a socket which takes the drill/driver holder
  • A drill/driver holder
  • 3 drills giving tapping size for #1 to #3 pozidrive/philips drive
  • 3 countersink bits with clearance hole for the drills
  • 5 drivers (3 #2 pozidrive, 2 #2 philips drive)
  • 1 all key/wrench
  • 1 blow molded box


In use you put the main drive holder into the drill and secure.
Drill/Driver holder and main drive body
Next you chose the tapping drill you wish to use and insert it into the drill/driver holder. The countersink is positioned at the depth you want to drill to and secured with 2 socket head grub screws.
Next lock off the two grub screws securing the drill into the body of the drill/driver holder.
All that remains is to insert the driver into the other end of the magnetised holder and secure with a single grub screw.

Then it is a simple matter of inserting the drill/driver holder into the main drive body. It locks into place with a spring loaded latch.
Insert the drill/driver
Drill the hole and countersink in the piece of wood and then push the locking collar forward. This releases the drill/driver holder. Take it out and invert it. Put it back into the drive body and you are ready to tighten up the screw.

Assembly with the drill in place
Inserting the drill/driver in driver configuration
When I had finished drilling 400 holes and inserting the screws I was really impressed how quick it was to do it. The drill still had a keen edge and the driver didn't look as though it had been used.
You soon develop a skill of holding the electric drill and changing the bit with one hand.

Assembly set ready to drive.
Overall I can recommend this as a useful addition to the shop or for site working for the professional. This is a superb accessory for any drill.