Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Fine Woodworking Archive 1975 to 2012

I ordered this on DVD from Highland Woodworking back in December 2012 and it came early January 2013. All 230 issues from the first one back in 1975 to the Tools and Shops Winter Edition 2012/2013 are included.
It also came with a collectors edition reprint of the first edition including all the advertisements of the time.
The cover is black and white as is everything inside. I forgot that colour was a recent addition to magazines due to technology changes. Back in those days everything was shades of grey and everybody walked in a strange fast, jerky manner (at least they did on old B&W movies). You would sometimes see colour on the cover, albeit a few colours, and everything else was black and white. How times have changed!

I haven't had chance to read any of the magazines yet but they are installed on the computer and I'll transfer them to my iPad, all 2.8 GB of them, when I get chance.

That'll keep me busy for quite some time.

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  1. I've read through about 80 issues so far. Still playing catchup with the regular readers of this fine magazine.