Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Highland Woodworking Episode 5 - Alf Sharp

In this episode Popular Woodworking helmsman Matthew Teague (he steps down quite soon) shows you how to sharpen using the scary sharp method. It isn't mentioned by name but that's what it is.
Also have a look at Alf Sharp the furniture maker who makes museum quality furniture out of his Tennessee shop. He was awarded the 2008 Cartouche Award from the Society of American Period Furnituremakers.

The video concentrates on the Lie Nielsen event at HWW in Georgia showing bits with Chris Swartz and the brilliant Scott Meeks.
Scott makes fantastic custom wood bodied hand planes . I can't afford them but when I win the lottery I might buy one!

If you don't mind the commercials and adverts it's worthwhile watching the video just for Alf. Charles Brock is superb too as host. His flat caps have a life of their own.

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