Friday, 15 March 2013

Pesky Wood Racks Update

Here's an update (Mar 15th 2013) with the new freestanding rack (10' x 6' high x 18" deep) now in place that can take 5500 lbs (2500kg) of evenly distributed weight over its 5 shelves.

Preparing the area

All my lumber, including the straw that broke the camels back, is now on this. I have even been able to leave an 8" gap behind the rack to fit sheet goods in. The utilization of space is now better than before as most of the 10" wide x 4/4 8/4 x 10 foot long boards were always on the floor so didn't contribute to the wall crack. They are now on the bottom shelf of the rack.
I just have a whole bunch of Triton wood racks to do something with now :)

End frames assembled

Rack completed
Stock on board
with all my sheet goods in the gap behind


  1. Terry

    just spotted your name on UK Workshop, I wondered if you could help me. My name is Russell Gibbs and I live in Westhgoughton, near Bolton.
    I have registered onto the UK Workshop site sometime in the past, however I cannot remember my user id and I need both this and my email address to reset. Could you possibly make a post so that the Administrators can contact me to help me reset. When I try to reregister the system tells me that my email address is already registered so I cant do that.
    If you could please post or Personal Message one of the Moderators my details are or 01942 811169 or 07802916967.
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    many thanks if you can help.

  2. Hi Russell,
    I've sent a PM to Charley the administrator of the UKWorkshop site with your request. Hopefully he will contact you soon.
    If you don't have any luck you could always create a free email account using (google) or (microsoft) and reregister on the site.