Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Shower Room Vanity Unit - Part 10 - Finishing and installation

I sprayed the cabinet with water from a handheld bottle sprayer. After it dried it had raised the grain and I knocked it back with 320 grit.
The cabinet was then finished in General Finishes Outdoor 450 and I hand applied it. There were 3 coats inside and out to the cabinet and drawers. The top was finished with the same finish buy this was sprayed on with HVLP.
I lightly sanded back between coats and the initial raising of the grain treatment had worked really well. The cabinet ended up with a silky smooth finish.
Cabinet after appling the finish.
The cabinet was then installed in the wet-room. The cut outs I had designed in to clear the water inlet and waste outlet pipes worked like a dream. The top was slid into place after disconnecting the waste water outlet pipe and the cabinet slid underneath. There is about 1.6 mm (1/16") clearance from the top to the underside of the wall mounted basin. I simply sealed the gap with some clear bathroom sealant and the top was secured to the cabinet with some shop made clips.
View showing those awesome
spalted beech door panels

The cabinet is now in situ
and being used.
Thanks for looking at this very enjoyable project.


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