Sunday, 16 February 2014

Violin repair job - Part 2

The delivery of repair tools from China from an Ebay site has finally happened. To be fair the items arrived within the specified delivery period.
I had ordered two items, a violin peg hole reamer and a violin peg shaver.
The reamer was fine and worked straight away. I used some blue tape as a depth guide to make sure each hole was the same taper.

The peg shaver needed some work on the blades as I believe they have been hardened too much making the edge brittle. Holding such small blades is difficult but I managed to spend a little time getting them sharp on my waterstones.
They are held in the brass body with 2 brass screws per blade. Under each blade are two shims to prevent distortion when tightening the screws. There are 3 double sided blades in all each one over a different sized tapered hole.
I found that moistening the ebony tuning pegs before putting them into the shaver (essentially a glorified pencil sharpener) made the job easy. The resulting shaving were nice and left a nicely finished peg.

I did all the pegs the same amount to ensure consistency.

Next time I will show how to fit the bridge.

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