Monday, 12 May 2014

Positioning your work bench

Over the years I've had my bench in various locations in the shop:
  • Against the wall under a window
  • Against a wall with no window
  • Bolted to a wall
  • In the middle of the shop
  • Adjacent to a wall near a window with space between the bench and the wall.

I've found that the best place for my bench is the last one, with a gap of around 10" at the back of the bench to the wall, for the following reasons:
  • My tool rack is across the window so I don't want to stretch too far to get tools
  • The bench is heavy enough to stay put without the extra help from a wall when planing for instance
  • The window casts natural light onto the bench
  • Anything that falls off the back of the bench can be easily retrieved
  • I can use the rear apron of the bench to clamp onto. The space gives access to get the clamps in.
The bench is also on a mobile base that can be jacked up so I can pull it out further if need be.
This arrangement works well for me and I've arrived at the solution by trial and error.

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