Thursday, 16 October 2014

Commercial Benches bench dog hole layout.

One of my friends on Woodtalk asked me about where to position dog holes. He had built a great bench and just needed some drilling details. My bench is a commercial bench made by Sjobergs here and is adequate for my use for now.
I don't use all of the dog holes but do tend to use quite a few of them at the left-hand end when using a hold-fast. I do find that having such a grid of holes is advantageous as I also use Bench Cookies with risers. The risers fit in a 3/4" hole and having the flexibility of so many hole is great.

Here are a few pictures of the bench dog layout from the lefthand end of the bench.

Longitudinal spacing

Lateral spacing

Alternate vice station in the end. The right hand end
has a similar arrangement

Sjobergs holdfast

Chris Schwarz advocates having 2 rows of judiciously positioned dog holes from his research into the Roubo benches. The centring depends on the reach of the holdfast that you have. Have a look at his blog here

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