Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Wall mounted Plane and Tool Cabinet - Part 22 - Record 044C hanger

Record 044C Hanger

The remaining handplane that I wanted to have constant access to without having to search through cardboard boxes is the much used Record 044C. I decided that it would be hung by its fence rods on the deep inside door. I had to arrange it so the handle would not hit any of the planes already mounted in the cabinet as clearance is tight. In practice this was easy to determine and I fabricated a hanger from some scrap beech and walnut.
As you can see it is a very simple hanging bracket comprising a slot running at around 45 degrees with sufficient clearance to allow the bars of the fence assembly to simply engage.

The planes center of gravity holds it straight and parallel to the face of the door.

Twin brackets suspend the plane on the door

The inside of the inner door now has
a selection of tools in place.
I found a position for the block plane and violin plane
on the base of the door.
Other tools shown are nail punches, letter/number punches
(you do put serial numbers on your creations don't you?), a
couple of screwdrivers and other things
you may have already seen.
 There is still room for many more tools in the spaces.

Golden Gauge Hanger

I made a few golden gauges some time ago and use them all the time so made a tapered hanger with a clip to hold one in place on the outer face of the inner door. It is mounted next to the hanger for the Odd-Job.

Golden Gauge mounted in a tapered hanger.

Odd-Job and Golden Gauge in situ on the outer side of the inner door.

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