Thursday, 23 July 2015

Bedside tables (nightstands) - Part 5 - Side subassembly glueup

Each one of the components comprising the side assembly were sanded to 220 grit as it would be impossible to do properly after a glue up. I found that planing the legs, even with a high bevel angle smoother, was difficult due to the grain changing direction often. Scraping and scraping was the better option.

After an initial dry clamping to ensure all components fitted properly and a sanity check the four side assemblies were glued up.
I used Titebond 2 Dark for this as sapele is similar to mahogany when finished and the dark glue line left by TB2 Dark is not that noticeable.

After being left overnight they emerged from the clamps and were flat and stable.

One of the side sub-assemblies after glue-up
Then any dried squeeze out was removed with a chisel and chisel plane.

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