Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Bedside tables (nightstands) - Part 14 - Completion

The final part of the tables build was to fit the various shelves in place and fix the top.
I had designed the tables to have detachable shelves and top as it would have been difficult to fit the top if they were fixed in place.

First of all the top was inverted on the assembly table and the table frame was placed upon it. This was then positioned equally about the centre line and the rear was 1/4" (6mm) proud of the legs. Then a few shallow pilot holes were transferred through the predrilled slots in the securing cleats.

The frame was removed and the pilot holes were drilled to depth and correct diameter to suit the screws I intended to use. The screws were driven in by hand, after waxing the threads, to precut the threads in the top. This also makes sure that the potential for cracking the top is minimized. Then the table frame assembly was simply screwed into place. The holes are slotted to allow for seasonal variation in the width of the top.
Blue tape used as a depth gauge

The iPad shelf was then put into place and held in position with some small countersunk screws.

The bottom shelf was then put into position and again secured with some small countersunk head screws.
Tiny countersunk screws hold the shelves in place.
They are supported in rabbets.
This photo is the underside view.

The tables were then complete and ready to go to the customer. So there you have it - a pair of bedside tables or nightstands in a single species (sapele) finished with Arm-R-Seal semi gloss.

In place

Sapele is a wonderful species to use.

Hope you enjoyed the series.

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