Sunday, 31 January 2016

A nice pair... of saws

I was recently browsing a vintage tools website and came across these two beauties. I couldn't resist them so bought them. They were the not unreasonable £45 + shipping each.

CT Skelton small saw

The first is made in Sheffield by the CT Skelton company. It's a short panel saw 18" long with UK 8TPI. I'm not sure of the date but know they made saws from 1879 to 1953. My money is on the more recent date.

A slight amount of damage to the top horn of the beech handle
Nothing wrong this side and a nice identification medallion. It has three brass bolts through the beech handle.
The plate is very straight
There is a slight nib on the far end of the saw. Not sure what function that has

Disston D8 24"

The second is made in Philidelphia post second world war by the Disston company. It is a 24" hand saw with 3 main bolts and a fourth bolt with an alloy 13/16" diameter identification medallion. This, apparently, dates it from about 1947 to 1951. Again this one is 8 points per inch.
A 4 bolt handle as seen on all D8s 24" or shorter.
A slight wear to the finish (it is from 1947 ish!)
The plate is straight and has slight pitting but
generally rust free
The plate has some etching that I still have to decipher
but there is also the signature of Henry Disston on it too.
I may have take another photo and use some image processing software.

Both of these saws would be classed as crosscut saws but they are both sharpened with a rip saw tooth form. There is no fleam whatsoever to the teeth on either saw. However the front of the teeth are ground at more of an oblique angle than a "real" rip saw. Though reading Paul Sellers blog on how he sharpens crosscut and rip saws he advocates sharpening them both the same way as a rip saw - no fleam. He always has done so.

Each saw is sufficiently sharp enough but would benefit by a full sharpen. I may change the Disston into a full rip but need to make (or buy) a saw vise first of all. They are both in excellent condition considering their ages and the CT Skelton one has slight damage to one of the horns on the handle.

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