Monday, 22 February 2016

Non shop made storage

I need to make furniture and musical instruments rather than shop furniture. Having said that I will be making a Roubo workbench soon.

In the August of 2015 I bought a storage cube to store all my safety equipment. The main item was the Trend AirShield Pro which was ironically collecting dust in the shop. I mounted it straight to the wall and built a raised platform internally for the AirShield. I also put a few long screws into existing holes in the cabinet and hung ear defenders, close up magnifier and other items. I store both Veritas MKII honing guides and all their attachments in there too. The charging cable for the Airshield runs through one of the holes in the cabinet.

Then there are the edge guides for the routers. Have you noticed that once you have replaced a router back into its blow moulded case there is difficulty inserting the edge guide? I think the manufacturers build in an internal shrinking mechanism once you have initially opened the case. Nothing ever goes back in - we don't have Festool Systainers in this shop! So the edge guides are also in the storage cube.
Then there are the face shields for turning.

So this storage cabinet has become primarily my safety gear cabinet.

I was that impressed with the cabinet that I bought another this time with an integral shelf.
Into this cabinet I have put all my moulding planes/hollows/rounds. That gets them out of the cardboard box which I had stored on the ground under the assembly table.

Both cabinets are now mounted onto the French cleat I had mounted on the wall recently. I also hung the table saw blade storage box and made a temporary hanging place for my saws.
In time I will replace this with a custom saw till.

So I have gone full circle. I initially said I need to make furniture and musical instruments. Instead I am making shop furniture - just what I don't want to do (!) - to help store my tools.
The storage cubes are from CS Storage Limited and are model "Armour Cube Locker 450H 450W 450D "

A wall full of tools

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