Monday, 30 January 2017

Saw Till Part 2

The next part of the build was the lower panel. This will ultimately support the drawers so needed cutting to length and transferring the pins onto it. Also a dado was cut for the vertical divider and a groove at the back for a back panel.

Tenons cut on the ends of the drawer console upper panel. This shows the grooves and dado cut on the underside of the panel.
This part is French oak as I had run out of Iroko. It's only shop furniture after all!

The upper and mid cross-members were made next. I had opted to use conventional mortise and tenon construction on these. They were cut to length and I used the tablesaw to cut the tenons. Also grooves were cut lengthwise on each of the short faces for the rear panels.

Tongue and groove western red cedar was used for the rear panel. I cut some tenons on the tablesaw to enable the boards to slot into the grooves.

I ended up with a bunch of parts to glue up.

Apologies for this very blurred photo showing the glueup
I used wide WRC boards for the lower part of the back and narrow WRC boards for the upper part of the back. No attempt was made to keep them inline top to bottom but it ended up looking acceptable. The whole of the project was made from scraps I had in stock.
Titebond 3 was used for the glueup because of its reasonable open time and also it was all I had on hand.

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