Tuesday, 28 February 2017

TWW moves shop - again.

Woodworking has never been so healthy on the internet as it is in 2017.
Video content producer Marc Spagnuolo of The Woodwhisperer has moved house and shop over from Surprise, Arizona to Denver, Colorado. He has built quite a few shops in his time from small 2 car garage to larger 3 bay garage, the ultimate shop (1800 square feet) purpose built in the garden and now adapting his new 4 car garage to a video studio/shop.

Marc specializes in producing videos based upon woodworking. He produces free content on his The WoodWhisperer website, also a new YouTube Channel called WoodWhisperer Offcuts and his paid content site The WoodWhisperer Guild.
The latter is a place where woodworkers can buy video series of various projects. He goes into great detail on the Guild site and produces highly professional videos for newcomers, intermediate woodworkers through to advanced techniques for more experienced woodworkers.

He also has a woodworking podcast called WoodTalkShow with a couple of fellow video content producers again specializing in Woodworking.

One of the presenters is Shannon Rodgers with his great Renaissance Woodworker website which focuses on handtool woodworking with his associated paid HandToolSchool website. The other is Matt Cremona who reminds me a little of MTV show Beavis and Butthead with his laughing - sorry Matt but it can be a little annoying. He has just made a bandsaw mill in his backyard for sawing massive slabs. He makes some really nice furniture and is a frequent guest presenter on The WoodWhisperer Guild showing how to make some furniture items from start to finish. Check out his website here.

If you are interested in having a look at the latest shop tour then head on over to The WoodWhisperer website and look for his 2017 Shop Tour video.

Don't forget to have a look at WoodTalkOnline forum which is a great resource of knowledge.

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