Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Powermatic machinery now available in the UK

For years I have been looking at the mustard brand that is available over in North America. Unfortunately they have not been available to buy in the UK unless you were willing to import yourself and convert the motors to 230V 50Hz (or use a converter). Until today March 20th 2017 when the big UK tool retailer Axminster announced this morning that they are selling UK spec machinery from Powermatic at long last :). The PM1500 in the UK is 415V 3 phase and will require running 3 phase 415V power into our shops and for most hobby warriors would be cost prohibitive :( .
PM1500 Bandsaw

Initially this is only limited to 8 machines:

  • 31A Belt Disc Sander  1.1kW 230V 1ph
  • PM2244 Drum Sander 1.3kW 230V 1ph
  • 719-T Floor Standing Morticer 1.3kW 230V 1ph
  • PM1900XT 3hp Extractor 2.2kW (3.0kW Max) 230V 1ph
  • PM1300TX 2hp Extractor 1.3kW (max output 1.97kW) 230V 1ph
  • PM1500 Bandsaw 415V 3 phase
  • 3520B Heavy Duty Woodturning Lathe 1.5kW 230V 1ph
  • 4224B Heavy Duty Woodturning Lathe 2.25kW 230V 1ph

1 Horsepower is approx 745 watts

None of them are cheap of course but at least they are now available.

No tablesaws or drill presses at the moment but it is only a matter of time....

So if you are UK or Europe based head on over to www.axminister.co.uk and have a look.

Axminister sell Lie Nielsen and Veritas stuff already and have done for many years.

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