Monday, 16 July 2012

Chest of drawers drawer pull (handle) template.

I have just been into the shop and made the template for the drawer pulls for the chest of drawers.
I used my sketchup drawing and marked out one half of the handle.
I then cut this out using the bandsaw, oscillating spindle sander, files and sandpaper. Then taking the one half I used some double sided tape and stuck it to a piece of 1/4" plywood I had left over from another project.
Using the bandsaw I cut as close to the line as I could. Then using a bearing guided router bit in my router table I was able to cut exactly to the line. I peeled the half template, flipped it over and stuck it symmetrically opposite.

I then did the bandsaw cutting/routing method and ended up with a perfectly symmetrical drawer pull template.
Note the "lump" on the apex of the handle. Hopefully this lump is the going to end up the same as the original inspiration for these handles. I now need to cut out one from hardwood and radius the edges. They are intended to look like this:


  1. Wow, your drawer handle template is very nice; I have been searching for handle template for my home improvement, so thanks for sharing it.
    Drawer Handles and Pulls

  2. Hi Ashish, I'm glad you like it. I have published it in 3DWarehouse and I have a link to it on my blog entry for 28/05/2013
    Feel free to download it and use it.