Sunday, 14 April 2013

Garden Planters

My wife has asked that all the other projects are moved back as spring in the UK has finally come (about 6 weeks late!)
She has requested that I build some hardwood planters.
I am making the structure out of yet to be determined hardwood and will comprise 2x2s jointed with mortise and tenons glued with West Systems epoxy.

The base will be pressure treated softwood cut around the legs and resting on the framework. I think these will be held in place with 18G brads. Anybody know if you can get stainless steel brads? If so leave me a note.
The panels will be 1/2" exterior grade plywood set in grooves
The entire structure will then be clad in western red cedar tongue and groove with capping trim in the same material just with the tongues and grooves ripped off. I am using stainless steel annular ring shank nails to fix the cladding.
It will match the cladding that my shop is clad with and that was Mrs McK's suggestion.

The inside of the planters will be lined with a generic pond liner with drainage holes cut in the liner. I will hold the liner in position with some cleats below the top edge and use a box cutter to remove the excess.

The sizes of the boxes are 21" x 21" x 20-1/2" high for the cube box and the other rectangular one is 21" x 42" x 20-1/2" high.

I have designed this using Sketchup so if anybody is interested I can place the Sketchup design in the Woodtalk Online Sketchup library. Let me know.

I have estimated that material costs in the UK for the small one is around £100 and the larger one is £140. Obviously local currencies and the price that you can get the raw materials will dictate the price you will pay.

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