Monday, 17 June 2013

Baritone Guitar Build Part 1 - The Specification

Back in 2011 I had the idea of building a baritone guitar after seeing one being used by Joe Bonamassa. For those of you who don't know a baritone guitar has a longer scale length than a regular guitar and is normally tuned from B to b on a six string guitar (B E A D F♯ B) with thicker strings and longer scale lengths.
Over the years a number of companies have made and still do make these types of guitars but they are not so common.

I myself have been making guitars/basses for a number of years but never made a long scale one such as this.
So I designed it on AutoCad (before I got hooked on Sketchup) and it has the following specification:


  • Double Cutaway body
  • Main body slab - African Mahogany
  • Top - bookmatched South American Imbuia (Ocotea porosa) burl


  • Neck - Sapele and maple
  • Fretboard - Ebony
  • No of frets - 24 
  • Scale length - 700mm 
  • Fretboard radius - 12" 


  • Pickup system - Seymour Duncan AHB-1 Blackout set - active electronics
  • Bridge - Schaller Hannes
  • Machine heads - Schaller M6 2000 Locking
  • Strap button - Schaller security locks.
All the hardware is black.
Baritone CAD design
As can be seen in the picture all aspects of the design have been covered with the hidden structures/routs shown.
After the design was completed the first part to be made was the fretboard and that will be covered in Part 2.

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