Sunday, 30 June 2013

Garden Planters Build Part 2

I almost forgot to do my completion article on the planters but here it is.
The planters frames were completed and then given three coats of general Finishes Exterior 450. I sealed the end grain of the legs with 2 part epoxy using West Systems Epoxy.
Small planter without cladding

Large planter without cladding

Like any furniture job clamps and a workbench
are essential

Then I started to clad the outside with western
red cedar tongue and groove boards. I fastened them
on with stainless steel 18G nails.

The final part of the construction was the mitred face frame around the top perimeter fixed with some stainless steel screws. I then cut some pond liner material to size and pushed it into the each box. I made slits in the bottom so excess water could drain out and then filled with compost. Once it was around 3/4 full I fitted some more red cedar cleats to hold the pond line in place and then trimmed off the excess. The boxes have considerable weight in them now so I was glad I had moved them into position before doing the last jobs.

Then all that remained was to plant up the boxes, install the self watering system and enjoy them. I hope you like them.

Happy woodworking


Face frame fitted and a few plants installed

3 of the boxes in situ.
The other box is somewhere else in the yard.

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