Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Jewellery Box - Part 3

Do you know how difficult it is to make something surreptitiously and keep it hidden from the intended recipient? It's very hard.
I've had a few close calls this past week with Elly coming into the shop when you least expect it. I do have a warning buzzer on the door and I can lock it from the inside. She has been in on numerous occasions and has been stood very close to the casework. I have it hidden under a black plastic dustbin liner (a garbage bag for my North American viewers) with all manner of detritus scattered all around. She does suspect something is going on though occasionally asking "what you making?". I had to reply "I'm doing some practice dovetails to hone my skills" - big fib!
Anyway the carcase is complete, the drawers are complete, the lid is made, the coving is done on the decorative trim pieces covering the hidden drawer.
Jobs left to do are:

  • attach the lower guide rails
  • cut out the mortises for the hinges
  • mitre the coving trim pieces
  • cut the trim pieces with a fancy pattern
  • make internal dividers
  • apply finish to the whole
  • fit the mirror
  • fit the felt inlay

I've got less than a week now so I need to get my skates on.

The casework without its disguise. If you
leave the area suitably cluttered
it doesn't draw too much attention

The large drawer in clamps
The front is black walnut the
rest is French oak with a
plywood base.

The lid. I don't like exposed end grain
so always tend to veneer over the end grain.
I also like blue tape!

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