Monday, 23 December 2013

Jewellery Box - Part 4 nearly at the finishing line

I'm almost at the finishing line and writing this on December 23rd - talk about close to the wire!! During final finishing Elly almost came in on the build and discovered what was happening behind closed doors. But I had thoughtfully locked the shop door from the inside. She had to knock and now knows something is being built in the shop and it might be a present.

Rear plywood panel and the lid with finish applied

The rest of the components with finish applied.
The item at the front is a stop bar for the
hidden drawer. I fabricated two brackets
from an old brass fireplace surround.

I love blue tape. The item at the front is the covering trim
panel for the hidden drawer.
The inner faces will just be waxed - no finish

Drawer dividers made from 1/4" black walnut

I estimate that assembly will be OK on Christmas Eve. The finish I've used is General Finishes Enduro-Var (see here) which is awesome. It will be cured to some extent but I know from experience will take a few days to come to final hardness at which point any dust nibs will be rubbed out.

The three drawers, lid, hidden drawer trim, rear panel, drawer dividers and main case are complete. The final coat of finish went on today Monday 23rd. Essentially I used shellac underneath and 3 coats of Enduro-Var on top lightly sanding between coats. The top coats were sprayed with HVLP.

Wish me luck.

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