Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Record Power AC400 PCB Upgrade

I've just received a new PCB for the AC400 Air Cleaner from the excellent people at Record Power. Their customer service department is fantastic. As recently reported in my blog back in December 2014 an issue had been identified with the Mark I and Mark II PCBs which could cause overheating. In fact I had already had a Mark I board burn out. This was replaced as part of RPs 5 year warranty.

The new PCB module came yesterday with full instructions on how to fit it. There were a number of screws to remove to gain access to the motor module and PCB module. A couple of 5.5mm nuts hold the PCB in place and two push in connectors make the electrical connection.

Mark II PCB on the left
Mark III PCB on the right
As can be seen there is a significant difference between the two modules. Record Power also sent a replacement remote control as the original one was not compatible with the new PCB.

Motor module still on chassis plate with the PCB removed

Not a lot inside the box apart from a grill and the filters.
This is just a 10 minute job to do and after vacuuming the filters then testing on the bench I rehung it in the roofing joists.
All in all excellent service from Record Power again and a fully working air cleaning system

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