Monday, 9 February 2015

Toy Chest

This is a toy chest for based upon the TWW Multi Function Toy Chest in aid of Woodworkers Fighting Cancer Charity.
Timbers used are French Oak and Baltic birch plywood. The hinges are Rockler Torsion Hinges.
The finish is Seal R Cell and Arm R Seal.

A pile of stock
My router template jig came in useful for holding
the stock and a pre-existing template I already
had to make the curves. Tip - Never throw away your templates

The template jig in use on the router table

Finishing the edges with flexible sanders

And of course a spoke shave

The plywood bottom is simply screwed in place. I also
added some mid support blocks glued in place.

The all important branding. I use a simple template
to guide the heated brad into position. Apply the brand for 3 seconds then remove.
If it needs a little more you can then reposition is exactly
where it was originally. This prevents creating a shadow burn,

This is my brand. Heated with a domestic blow lamp.

Lots of sanding followed by sealing with General Finishes Sealer Cell.

The top coat is several coats of General Finishes semi gloss Arm R Seal.
I can't get this anymore in the UK due to import restrictions probably driven by VOC regulations.

The chest is now ready to have its hinges fitted.

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