Monday, 7 September 2015

Bedside tables (nightstands) - Part 11a - Table tops preparation

The table tops are each made from 2 boards jointed and glued without any alignment (biscuits or dominoes). I milled each board to 22mm thick (around 7/8") and cut them to length. They were jointed and glued and placed into clamps to setup overnight.

After jointing the boards were checked on a flat surface

The boards are glued , in this case with Titebond II dark, placed into parallel clamps on my assembly table
and left overnight to setup.
I have some heavy duty pond liner to protect the surface from glue drips

A final check with a straightedge ensures that the boards are
flat on the clamps. If not tap them flat with a deadblow.

After emerging from the clamps the joint lines are cleaned up.
I sanded the boards both sides to 80 grit with a ROS.

The boards were then cut to finished width on the tablesaw. I then found that the boards would not fit into my crosscut sled. I needed a new one CCS fabricating so next I made a bigger sled.

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