Wednesday, 10 January 2018

2018 has arrived and no woodworking - yet

It is a cold January 2018 day today. The car was frozen up and I opened the shop for the first time since before Christmas and put the heating on. Nothing had rusted so the application of CRC 3-36 periodically throughout the year had worked its benefits.

CRC 3-36 Corrosion Protection

I have a few jobs lined up to do this year at least until spring. My nephew and niece-in-law are having a new baby in a couple of weeks and a request has been made to build a toy chest similar to one I made a few years back. I have a stock of oak and need to buy some birch plywood and some special hinges. The hinges prevent tiny fingers being trapped as they stop the lid from falling too quickly.

Toy Chest made in January 2015

I also have a request from a customer to build a metronome. The customer will supply the mechanism and gave me some wood, I believe it is utile, in barter for making the case.

Further purchases planned for the year are a new bandsaw (probably an 18" for resaws) and a Domino DF500. I have to get these in this year as Brexit may bring price hikes.

Festool Domino DF500
There is also a 5 string fretless bass that I am part way through to finish off.

Drilling the hole for the bridge earthing/grounding strap

Applying CA glue to the fretboard. Mahogany markers have been inlayed
as fret positions.

There are a few other jobs that I also have to start.

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