Monday, 15 January 2018

Drill Press Upgrade - Part 1 Design Process

For years I have persevered with my floor mounted drill press. I had fastened this to the concrete floor in the shop with anchor bolts but the position of it wasn't ideal. Obviously a home workshop is in a constant state of flux and is constantly evolving so my initial thoughts on where it should be sited have now changed. When you find a need for a change to your particular workflow if there is something bolted down it can limit your plans.
This project is intended to give me more flexibility in the location of the drill press in my shop.
Also I want to have extra drawer storage space so I designed this into the project.

The main criteria was:

  • Ability to move the drill press
  • A stabilized base
  • Storage space local to the drill press

So I looked around for potential plans and found one from Woodsmith.
It seemed to fill all my requirements so I adapted the plans to suit my particular drill press.

The thing I liked about the plans were the mobile base with a low centre of gravity and a nesting storage unit. This is also on wheels and can be pulled out so allowing the drill press full height to be used if necessary. I don't have a requirement to wheel the press all around the shop as if on a shopping cart with rotating castors so the fixed axis wheels are fine for my needs.
Also I conventional metal mobile base would not suit my particular requirements so was discounted completely.

So here is my Sketchup representation of the entire mobile base/storage unit shown as exploded and nested.

This shows the storage unit nesting around the mobile base.
I used a 3D model of a Delta drill Press that I found on the
Skecthup 3D Warehouse. It was close enough dimensionally to my

This shows how the storage unit can be pulled out on
its integral wheels (hidden by the side plate)
should the need to use the full capacity of the drill press be required.
The drill press mobile base also has screw jacks to further stabilise the
whole of the floor stand.

This is an exploded view of the storage unit.
4 drawers and 4 storage cubbies give further storage space
to a crowded small shop.

I decided to make the entire unit from birch plywood and some construction timber. The edges of the drawer fronts and storage unit top were to be edge banded with hardwood.

Full extension 10" (250mm) stainless steel slideways for the drawers, 8 x 3" diameter no mar wheels and 4 jacking screws with non slip pads make up the hardware for the entire project.

Also as much as possible glued and pocket screws construction is used. Pocket screws can be immensely strong, especially for shop furniture, and I believe get a bad press. I have made loads of sheet good based projects with pockets screws and find them very strong.  Maybe the advent of the Festool Domino has created this perception, I don't want to start a debate on this (you are free to start another thread if you desire) but I don't currently have one so pocket screws it is.

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