Monday, 5 February 2018

Drill Press Upgrade - Part 4 the Storage Unit Carcase

The carcase is a very simply construction and is basically and open box. This is entirely made from birch plywood 18mm (3/4" nominal) thickness.
Carcase design
Cutting the plywood is best performed with a tracksaw but can be done with a conventional circular saw/edge guide or, if you are feeling strong, the tablesaw.
Since getting my Bosch tracksaw I have long given up on cutting sheet goods with a tablesaw or any other tool for that matter. The tracksaw is the perfect tool for the job and you don't end up with a hernia or a chiropractors bill!

Each of the components was cut to size. I then used the router table with a rabbeting bit to cut the various rebates (rabbets US). My European tablesaw does not have an arbor that will take a dado stack but I know a few of my North American friends use them.

Once the rebates were cut the rear and side plates were drilled with a 75mm (3") pitch of pocket holes around the perimeter. As already mentioned the addition of mechanical fasteners (pocket screws) in addition to glue and rabbets makes for an immensely strong joint.
The components were glued and screwed together.

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