Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Drill Press Upgrade - Part 5 the Cubby Units

The cubby units give the chance for me to store little used items which are still local to the drill press. Occasionally used sanding drums spring to mind for usage here.

The cubbies themselves again are open boxes made from 18mm (3/4") birch plywood. They are made in a similar way to the storage carcass using glued and screwed construction. Nothing major or difficult to do here.

2 storage cubbies like this are required
I put a shelf in the centre of the vertical span and the back is made from 12mm (1/2") birch ply.
There are also glued in shelf rails to minimise things falling out should a door be open and you decide to move the storage unit.

Cubby without its shelf - this will be glued in after assembly to the storage unit

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