Tuesday, 16 October 2012

How to remove an asbestos roof

As part of the shop re-modelling exercise I needed to get "professional" help in to remove the old asbestos roof. I was expecting people wearing space suits with breathing gear but instead got these two guys.
I would never have climbed up onto that roof never mind walked about on it.
They had no safety equipment AT ALL apart from steel toed boots!
I don't even think they brought a ladder. At one point the younger guy is up on the roof making a phone call!


Have a look at this YouTube video I uploaded and you can see what I mean.

I'll give them some credit though. They removed everything, cleaned up thoroughly after themselves and the whole lot was completed in 2. 1/2 hours. They did say that the amount of asbestos in the roofing sheets was minimal and they were composed mainly of concrete - hence no protective clothing required.
Now there definitely is no going back and I have to continue the project until it's finished.

There is an HD version available from this link too.

Oh Dear! What have I started???


  1. Those fellas looked a pair of cowboys Terry :)
    Steve T

    1. Hi Steve, they were actually ok but just were a lot braver than me.

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