Saturday, 27 October 2012

Shop Transformation Part 3

The trusses are installed.

We had a slow start to the week because my builder had a couple of days holiday to celebrate the 1st birthday of his daughter. Then during the celebrations 50% of the people there were struck down by a food bug. This caused Jon and his brother to miss a further 2 days due to illness while they recovered.
Anyway Friday came and it was a real cold and crisp autumn (fall for my North American friends) day.
There were crisp dry leaves about 6 inches deep coating the inside of the shop that had fallen from the ash tree which towers above the shop in a neighbours garden.
These were all swept out before the guys could get to work. The trusses started appearing in their finished positions soon afterwards and by the end of the day they were all up and in a temporary braced state.

The guys had even put the cedar cladding onto the end gable and it looks great from my neighbours side of the fence. I just hope he refrains from letting his ivy grow over it like it did on the previous old shop roof.

I did a few pictures of the progress so far. Hopefully next week I should have a roof on and the shop is then weatherproofed.

The shop with trusses on

My reservations about the lower chord being
too high for the electrical sockets
were wrong. They are a perfect height.

The cedar cladding is maintenance free.
No paint required

There is that pesky ash tree.
When (if!) it gets chopped down I want the trunk!

A view from my office window.
My neighbours house is in the distance.

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  1. The ash tree was removed by my neighbour as the local council arborist deemed that it was causing "nuisance" to the shop structure and driveway. Essentially it was too close to the building and was causing under damage to the foundations. It was around 80 years old and was chopped down a slice at a time. I didn't get my hands on the trunk but hey ho.