Saturday, 20 October 2012

Shop Transformation Part 2

Here are a few more pictures of the shop progress.
The huge trusses on the truck are not mine!
They were for another building site.
The ones for my shop are the smaller ones.

The walls are up now. I call it
my Berlin Wall. They are a lot
higher in reality than I thought on my design.

My new trusses are under that stuff somewhere.
The new roof  panels (covered by leaves)
have also arrived and are great.

Just one wall left to finish now

The lintels are in and the doors will
be replaced in the future when
I get some more funding.
The builder has nearly finished the internal and external masonry and the internal walls are now around 7 foot 6 inches high (2270 mm). This may not sound a lot but that extra 12" has really made a difference. I call it my "Berlin Wall" as the block-work gives the impression of solidity.

Potential design error on the electrical socket locations.

I had a look at my original sketchup drawing (this picture is a wide angle lens view) and had a look at the electrical socket locations . They are mounted on the lower chord of the roof trusses. In reality they are really high from ground level now but are reachable on tiptoe. However when I thought about it the majority of these sockets will have machinery plugged into them all the time so it is not an issue.
The ones that are in the main work area (highlighted in blue in the picture) could be mounted on flexible conduit to make them hang down a little lower. I will speak to the electrician about it.

A view from my Sketchup Design
The figures are in for scale and
the picture is the view from the access door
shown in the "real" photo above.
The trusses are being installed week commencing 22/10/2012 and the roof will go on soon after. Can't wait.

Lumber rack

I've decided to buy a wood rack now as they are so cheap and I need something immediately the shop is finished to get my existing wood out of the yard and back on the wall. I have chosen what is fast becoming an "industry standard" at least in home wood shops  This one is the Triton Wood Rack available from many places. I found it on Amazon here. You can see it, complete with lumber, at the back of my shop design.

Wall paint and epoxy floor paint

I have also ordered all the white masonry paint for the internal walls and the two part epoxy floor paint. Application of the paints should be interesting as I have mobility problems due to my hip at the moment. I shall just have take it easy. The epoxy has an 8 hour open time so even I should be able to get it on the floor in that time. I have ordered some paint rollers that work with epoxy (no dissolving in the solvents unlike those available from some home centers) and have an extension handle so I can do it without bending.
The epoxy is a 2 stage process. The 1st coat is the sealer coat goes straight onto the concrete floor and is touch dry within 1.1/2 hours. It can have the second coat applied after 8 hours. The 2nd coat is the top coat with the same curing time. It is safe for vehicular traffic within 24 hours. Looking forward to using it and I have chosen light grey in colour

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  1. Hey Terry, I use the Triton rack and find it is an excellent addition to my shop. Just make sure you fit all the arms before you screw it to the wall and make sure you get them the right way round. The arms need to slope upwards in relation to the uprights (if that makes sense!)
    I like the sketchup pictures you've done. I really must get up to speed with it.
    Don (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)