Thursday, 11 October 2012

Shop Transformation Part 1

So the builder started with an empty shop, complete with a previous owners bored childrens' graffiti on the concrete panels, to new blockwork internal skin in just 4 days. The pictures speak for themselves:

I've never seen this shop so empty!
I didn't see any of the graffiti as your eyes just got used to it.
Once there was nothing in there it's glaringly obvious

The bucket catches all the drips from the old leaky roof

The building supplies arrived

Amber the shopcat#2 inspects the goods for quality.
Yes those are apples on the floor - I just
didn't get around to picking them up this year.
I do have a dodgy hip you know!

The builder Jon laid a load of blocks on the first day.
His mini laser level came in handy as the floor
dipped 2 " in the far corner.
All the other corners were within 1/2" of each other.

The concrete mixer is in the right place. When
he rinsed it out at night he could put the waste
straight into the inspection pit along
with any rubble he could find.

Here's Amber inspecting the work

Another section of wall partially built

The back wall is going up quickly now

The back and one side wall completed as far
as we can go before the roof is removed.

Another view of the back and side walls

That isn't an enormous mixer it's my wide angle lens!
Here you can see the other side wall partially built


  1. Looking forward to seeing the results.

    Dave Y

  2. The roof came off today and the asbestos guys took just 2.5 hours to take it off. I'm very pleased but there is no going back now!

  3. Rain has contributed to little work taking place on site today. Jon the builder has removed all the old timbers and was going to do some more brickwork. Unfortunately the rain decided differently. There is no point in trying to lay bricks when they are floating about!
    Let's see what tomorrow brings....

  4. Is the area under the wooden boards gonna be filled in with something? It's just you say the builder is emptying the mixer into it every night

    1. Yes it is being filled with rubble from the build (known as hard-core in England) and then it will have concrete poured over the top. It was an inspection pit for vehicles properly constructed being lined with bricks but over the years the ground water has broken through and it fills with water when it rains. It also wasn't really deep enough to stand in. Quite honestly it is a pain in the neck and I have no use for it in my shop. Filling it in will give me a lot of additional usable floor space and let me position my jointer/thickness planer without fear of it wobbling about on the timbers as it would now.