Sunday, 4 November 2012

Shop Transformation Part 4

There was a lot of action this week commencing Oct 29th 2012. After the trusses were put into place the roof sheets went on. These are a profiled steel sheet, coated with a plastic called plastisol. I chose a profile called Accord FlowTile from in slate grey. It actually looks a shade of blue-green to me but it looks great. The profile of the sheets looks like concrete roof tiles from the ground and you would never guess it was steel. I have also had it coated on the underside with anti-condensation coating which is an option. This is some sort of wicking material.
The manufacturer sent the wrong brackets to secure the gutters to the roof so we are still without drainage. I'm assured that they will send me the correct brackets the week commencing November 5th.
Accord Flowtile roofing sheets
It's autumn at the moment!
The actual positioning and fixing of the sheets didn't take very long. They are held on to the roof with self drilling and tapping screws that go straight into the wooden cross battens.
There are right-angled flashing's on the ends covering the gables and then a top flashing that goes over the whole lot.There are also foam fillers that fill the voids at the apex/eaves to stop small animals and birds from getting in.
After the roof panels were put on
the end brick wall was built up

Facia trim added all around
I'm going to have the doors cladded too as their frames are ok. This will give me some more sound deadening and extra thermal insulation.

Interior scaffolded out ready
to fit insulation and drywall on ceiling

Solid insulation cut to size

Only another 50+ sheets to cut and fit!


I have chosen solid insulation to fit between the trusses. These boards are 50mm (2" ) thick XtraTherm Thin-R Pitched Roof [XT/PR] closed cell Rigid Polyurethane Foam (PUR) product. It has a very low Lambda Value as low as 0.022 W/mK.
If you are not sure what that means then Lambda value λ(w/mK) = the value of the insulating capacity of product designed for thermal performance. Examples include Glass mineral wool loft roll at 0.044w/mk, and Celotex GA4000 PIR board at 0.022w/mk and the XtraTherm board I chose.
The lower the value, the better the insulating capacity of the product (for a given thickness).
Only time will tell as to whether this will keep me warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The only problem with this is that it is time consuming to measure and cut each insulation board and drywall board. I told the builder about the Festool tracksaw and he'd never seen one before. He is going to buy one this weekend as he does a whole lot of work cutting 8x4's down to size and the solid foam is also in this size. This will save him a ton of time. He may well get the Makita/De Walt equivalent though - watch this space....

Drywall Ceiling

I have specified drywall to be fastened between the trusses. This is so I can maximize headroom so I can utilize what is normally lost space. The air cleaner, fluorescent fixtures and the music system will be suspended in between the trusses.

Jobs for next week (commencing November 5th 2012)

  • Finish the insulation and drywall
  • Fix the guttering and drainpipes
  • Clad the doors with cedar T&G
  • Fill in the inspection pit with concrete

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