Monday, 5 August 2013

Baritone Guitar Build Part 7 - Buffing and Polishing

It's been a couple of weeks or so since I applied the last coat of finish to the Baritone guitar. In that time I've been on holiday to London and done some modifications to the theatre groups scenery. This last weekend I have spent some time building a storage box for table saw blades (see next post) and started to complete the finish on the guitar.
It had some time to harden off and I had one or two blemishes to sort out. Those have now been rubbed out using 1200 grit wet and dry and then burnished with a polishing compound.
My regular buffer is tied up as a grinder at the moment so I found my automotive buffer and using some mild abrasive polished all the wooden parts of the guitar.
You can now see your face in it.
The sides of the body had to be finished by hand as I had a little overspray resulting in some orange peel effect. Careful rubbing with 1200 grit and polishing with burnishing compound on a soft cloth corrected that.
Suitably polished

The deep red of the rear

Trying out the hardware to check it fits

All that is left to do on the woodwork is to drill counterbores for the neck ferrules and then attach the neck with screws. I was going to do a glued in "set" neck but have decided against it this time.
I also need to drill holes for the controls. After that it is installing the wiring and all the hardware.

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