Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Table Saw Blade Storage

I'd had enough of hanging blades on nails driven into the walls of the shop. I got a pdf as part of Popular Woodworking subscription called Workshop Storage Solutions. In there is an article by Steve Shanesy on making an open fronted box to store your table saw blades.

As I had just bought a few more blades I decided to make the box. It comprises 4 sides of 3/4" ply and I made the back from 1/2" ply. The shelves are just 1/4" thick ply and the box is intended for 10" diameter blades.

The finished size is 8" high x 11 3/4" wide x 11 1/4" deep.
The box is very simple rabbeted construction just glued with some yellow glue (no brads ;) .
The shelves are around 11/16" apart in dados cut in the sides. They have shaped front edges with a cut-out so you can grasp the desired blade.
The front is cut at an angle at 70 degrees and there is an internal partition of 1/4" ply also at 70 degrees.
I can't publish the plans as they are probably copyrighted but I can show you some photos of the results.

Do you think I put enough clamps on?
Box construction showing slots (dados) in the sides
The angled partition at the back is to match the
front when it is cut
The rear of the box is a piece of
1/2" plywood rabbeted into the sides

Routing a stack of shelves

Finished shelfs - just some final sanding
to be done

Finished box. Sanded to 220 grit
and then 3 coats of shellac

Box fixed to the wall using a French
cleat system

In situ near my router
adjacent to the table saw.
It took around an afternoon to make last Saturday and I now have a great storage place for my blades. I mounted the box to the wall with a French cleat. You could easily just put it into a drawer to keep the dust off.

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