Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Bedside tables (nightstands) - Part 10c - Drawers - cleaning tailboards

It's essential that all traces of the waste are removed. This includes anything left in the corner of the tails and any higher bits than the base lines.
I use a couple of skew chisels. You can also use a fishtail chisel (I think Lie Nielsen are the only ones making these at the moment) or some fine bench chisels.

The skews are my favourites  and are made by Kirschen under their Two Cherries brand. They keep and edge really well. When honing or re-establishing the bevel you need to use the Veritas MKII Honing guide with its skew registration jog - both of which I own. It's easy to do with some practice.

Two cherries 1/2" skew chisels

Pare to the centre of the board and make sure
you don't let the non cutting side touch the other
dovetail. Otherwise you will have a chisel shaped ding to fill

Always use you square to make sure that you are level and nothing stick up
beyond the base lines. If it does pare it down again.
If all is well chamfer the inner faces of the tails to ensire that that seat in the dovetail sockets of the pin board. This ONLY applies if you are fitting these tails into a blind socket (making half blind dovetails as I am here). If using through dovetails don't chamfer them as it is not necessary.

Chamfered inner tails - only for half-blind dovetails

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