Thursday, 6 August 2015

Bedside tables (nightstands) - Part 6b - Beading Profile

Somebody asked me the other day what am I using to produce the beading profile on the parts making up the tables. Well it's actually a beading router bit made by Trend whom, in the UK, make superb router bits to suit all pockets from hobby through trade to pro. I normally use cutters from the trade range as they give great performance and are ideal for my work.

The specific one I chose is the CraftPro C140 3.2mm Corner Bead. If you use it as I have you just get a bead with a round over.
Bead profile. The other corner has a 1/4" round over

 If you turn the workpiece through another 90 degrees and take a second pass you get a pencil bead. A very useful bit if somewhat of a one trick (or two trick) pony. THere is a little break out on the square corner when using a brittle wood like sapele but some 320g sandpaper breaks the edge.

As I don't have any molding planes the router will suffice.

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