Friday, 4 October 2013

Shower Room Vanity Unit - Part 2 - The Space

The newly remodelled shower room had the wash basin fitted directly to the wall and was plumbed in. I knew it would be sometime before I got around to making the vanity unit and the builder did as we asked.

Because of this I had to design the vanity unit around the sink not the other way around.
View from under the sink
showing the plumbing

View showing how much space
there is when the door is open.
So I came up with the design in the previous post and to get around the problem with the plumbing designed it like this:

The top would be loose with a hole for the waste outlet.
Disconnect the waste trap and hold the top in place on stands (realistically lengths of timber and reconnect the waste trap.
Slide the cabinet in place underneath
Secure the top to the cabinet using clips screwed into the top and sliding into grooves in the cabinet.

This is the inside of the frame as designed.
The innards are shown here
As can be seen there is a gap in the frame at the back where the water feed pipes go. The panel and cross-member in red at the left-hand side are slid vertically into place after the cabinet is finally positioned. The panel itself is split in two horizontally and has a bezel around the waste pipe to tidy up the gaps.
You can also see the clips intended to hold the top in place. These will have slots for the screws to allow for variations of humidity which will be a lot in a wet room.
Any fasteners will be stainless steel and the hinges are brass Brusso concealed knife hinges.

Materials used in the frame are sapele for the legs and oak everywhere else. Any panels are made from oak faced furniture quality plywood 6mm (1/4") thick.

Pipework in place
Not much room to play with here

As you can see from the drawings there is not a great deal of space to play with. The pipework, shown in white, is about 6mm away from the frame but is still clear. When building the carcase it will need to be brought to site to measure accurately to ensure it will fit.

Next time I will show how the carcase build went.

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