Thursday, 31 October 2013

Shower Room Vanity Unit - Part 8 - The base and final assembly

The base is made from 11mm cabinet quality plywood with two glued on oak faced 6mm plywood panels on the upper surface. I separated the oak panels at the point where the internal divider is so I didn't need to route out a dado. This worked out really well but does need accurate marking out from the carcase to ensure you get it in the right position.
The base panel was cut to size and cut-outs made where the legs protrude into the cabinet.

The panel was then then laminated with the oak ply panels and left overnight to cure.
Next day I was able to cut off the excess and fit it into the cabinet. The base is secured in place with cleats screwed into place with stainless steel screws. I opted for this method just in case of water damage in the future. This is going into a wet-room after all and if the panel is removable it will make it easier to repair.

Base panel being "veneered"
Glad I had some large stage weights and
you can never have enough clamps!


The base panel was pre-finished prior to assembly in a similar way to the door panels. I also pre-finished most of the carcase prior to inserting the base panel.

Cleats screwed into position

Close up of a cleat

Fully assembled carcase

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