Sunday, 13 October 2013

Shower Room Vanity Unit - Part 3 - The Side Frames

 There are two side frames to make. One goes against the wall so all its decorative panels had to face away from the wall. After all you will see them when you open the doors.
The other side frame (the right hand one) will face a person walking into the room so its decorative panels had to face outwards. The internal faces would not be seen as the drawers will be adjacent.
Sketchup representation of the
side frames
The first thing was to mill the legs to dimension and cut to length. Next the mortises were cut with the dedicated hollow chisel mortiser.

The HCM that I modified in an earlier post
makes light work of the mortises
A combination of chisels cleaned up the mortises
Hand tools galore

The tapers on the legs were cut on the tablesaw using a shop made jig. Then the legs were finished with a combination of hand planes/scrapers.
Some Lie-Nielson gear and the odd
Veritas plane.

Finished legs

Cutting the tenons.
I use a proprietary tenoning jig and cut any tenons on the tablesaw. I find it safer, accurate and time saving.
Cutting the tenon cheeks on
the tablesaw
I then cut the tenons to the right sizes using the bandsaw. However hand tools still get a look in by using the shoulder-plane to tune the cheeks to fit. I should really get a rabbeting plane but the shoulder plane works just as well.
A Stanley 92 clone from
Axminster designated a 19!!
RH Frame. Just need to cut the radius
on the rails and cut
some ply for the panel.
Radii cut - still need
to cut those panels.
The LH frame and panel assembly is very similar

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