Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Shower Room Vanity Unit - Part 4 - The Cross Members

There are several cross members in this cabinet to make up the structural integrity of the project. As the water pipes are existing care had to be taken to design for them.
Sketchup representation of the

All the parts again were milled to dimension and length. Tenons were formed on the ends where necessary and any other joinery, slots etc were formed into the crossmembers. All the smaller details were made and a dry fit was done as a sanity check.

Tenon cut for the hinges

A Brusso L37 pivot hinge

Dry fitting into the LH Side panel

Cross members in position

RH Door pillar and drawer support
frame assembly

Drawer support in place

Rear panels going in

There's that space for the
existing water pipes.

More rear panels. All cut from the
one piece to give continuity
between pieces.

RH Side frame is positioned

Cabinet turned upright on the assembly table

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