Thursday, 3 October 2013

Shower Room Vanity Unit - Part 1 - The Design Brief

The blog has been quiet lately due to me working on a shower room under basin vanity unit.
Sometime ago we had both our shower room (or wet room) and bathroom re-modelled with floor to ceiling tiling and underfloor heated floor tiles. I designed and built the bathroom vanity unit and it was featured on the WoodWhisperer website here.

Design Brief

My brief from the customer was:

  • Somewhere to put everyday toiletry items
  • Storage for some cleaning items
  • It must match what I had already built in the bathroom 
  • A nice piece of hardwood furniture that wasn't like Ikea stuff.

The Design

So the time had come to complete the vanity unit for the wet room matching the one in the bathroom.
I designed it on Sketchup and here is a picture of it virtualized in 3D.

The thing about this particular design is that the washbasin is existing and fixed to the wall. The water pipes feeding to it and the wastepipe leading from it all exist so the cabinet had to be designed around them.
This results in some design compromises but I have ended up with something that is exactly tailored for the location it goes in.

The cabinet comprises a sapele top and legs. The carcase, drawers and door frames are made from oak. The raised panels in the doors are made from some really nice spalted beech I go recently. The pulls (handles) are made from a dark exotic that I haven't decided upon yet.

Next time we see the existing space where it is going and build the carcase.

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