Friday, 15 May 2015

Wall mounted Plane and Tool Cabinet - Part 13 - Fitting a router plane

I have a little used Stanley router plane from about 1950 in my collection. As far as I can tell it had never, ever, been used before I bought it a couple of years ago. Unfortunately it had been in it's original box since I bought it and I was keen to have it readily available for use.

The shape of the plane necessitated a captive shoe on both edges again with a magnet to hold the plane in place. I simply traced its lower profile onto some walnut and using some double sided tape stuck another piece of walnut underneath. I then cut the profile out on the bandsaw and finished it on the oscillating spindle sander.

After splitting the two pieces I ended up with two symmetrical shoes. I then glued these to some more scraps of sufficient thickness to mount the plane with the blade protruding up to 3/4"

Shoes glued onto some walnut scrap.
You can see the resulting profile emerging

After the glue had setup the shoes were cut to size, mounting holes drilled/counter sunk and a magnet glued into place.

Shoes cut to size and finished

Plane test fitted on the bench
Mounting shoes added to the cabinet
The other compartments are for shoulder planes
and the Stanley #130 block plane.
Everything has been positioned so no plane needs
to be disturbed to get out the plane you want! 

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