Thursday, 14 May 2015

Wall mounted Plane and Tool Cabinet - Part 12 - Fitting a rabbet (rebate) plane

The Record #778 rabbet fillester plane has it's own challenges to fit snugly into the cabinet.
The best way I worked out of mounting this was to fabricate a mounting that would engage the operating handle of the plane.
I made this again from some scrap walnut. I could have used any other wood but had enough of this on hand to use. As previously stated this gives consistency throughout the project. Other woods that I intended to use were scraps of beech (used as the secondary wood in the drawers).

The fitted block was cut out with a bandsaw and shaped
using a combination of oscillating spindle sander
and hand sanding.

The fitted block was then glued and screwed (from the rear)
to a straight mounting block of sufficient thickness to
clear the width of the plane fence
A magnet was mounted in a place where it would
engage a flat area on the rear of the plane.

The hanging bracket was positioned so the plane
would be close to the carcass side

The plane hung in position and like the bench
planes clicks into position when it engages
the magnet,

Hope you are following this so far.

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