Saturday, 16 May 2015

Wall mounted Plane and Tool Cabinet - Part 15 - Screwdriver rack

I have a terrific collection of wooden handled screwdrivers, Grace USA, Lie Nielson and Joseph Marples that needed mounting in the cabinet.
I opted on putting the Grace screwdrivers on the inside face of the outdoor door. I cut a piece of birch ply to length and glued on a edge band of walnut to cover the unsightly ply edges. This was in turn glued to a right angled cleat so it could be screwed to the face of the door.
Each screwdriver was measured for diameter around the shaft collar. Holes were then laid out and drilled so each square handle butted against the inside face of the door. This would present the label showing the size of each screwdriver to me.

Then slots were cut with the table saw to enable the screwdriver shafts to be withdrawn easily.
The rack was then mounted with screws to the inside of the door.

Partially filled screwdriver rack

Filled rack.
The stubby screwdriver on the left is a Lie Nielsen
plane iron fastening screwdriver.

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