Thursday, 7 May 2015

Wall mounted Plane and Tool Cabinet - Part 7 - Drawers grooving and glueup

The next part was to mill a groove into each drawer part to suit the captive plywood drawer bottom.

I set the 1/4" router cutter so it was in the centre of the half blind dovetail socket. This happened to be 1/4" in from the base.

Setting the router cutter with a Trend
setting gauge
A pile of drawer parts ready to be grooved.

A pile of drawer parts with grooves in

Using a mortise chisel to square the ends
off of the grooves in the drawer sides

Finished groove.

The drawer bottom was cut from some 5.5mm (7/32") plywood with 1/8" clearance on width and length. All the finished parts were then finish planed to remove the milling marks. The base was lightly sanded with some 220 grit. Then I applied some darkwood Titebond II to the front joints and Titebond III to the rear joints (it being a blonde wood).

Then the glueup was left overnight to setup.

Next day the drawers were removed from the clamps and planed and sanded to remove the dovetail excess.
The drawers were then fitted into their respective drawer openings on the case.

Completed drawers

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