Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Wall mounted Plane and Tool Cabinet - Part 20 - Mallet Hangers

I wanted the brass mallets to go into the cabinet but rather than the more traditional way of hanging hammers (side on) I still wanted to maximize the usage of space within the cabinet.
So the mallets were to be presented face on. That way I could get them side by side and not use up too much room.

First of all I measured each mallet and spaced them appropriately. Then I drilled holes and opened up slots using the bandsaw to allow them to be extracted. Then I glued this piece onto a cleat drilled with mounting holes. When hung in the cabinet I noticed the radius of the brass strikers was not sitting correctly in the slots at the front edge. So I ripped some 5/16" square walnut strips and glued them into position as shown. This then fully supports the brass hammer heads and still allows the handles to go into the slots - problem solved.

The mallet hanger is mounted on the inner door
They just now need a little bit of sanding to make them look right before applying some finish.

Brass mallets in position

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