Sunday, 17 May 2015

Wall mounted Plane and Tool Cabinet - Part 17 - Specialty spokeshave hangers

I have a couple of spokeshaves, Clifton 500 and 550, which are an unusual shape. They are normally used for to make concave or convex profiles - think the rear of guitar necks.
As they are so unusual in shape they needed hangers which were fit to their shapes. The concave shave was first.

The profile was traced onto a piece of walnut and two pieces were cut together on the bandsaw and oscillating sander. When separated they symmetrically formed a shoe to hold the shave in place. These pieces were glued to a backing board which was cut to size.

Formed shoes glued onto a beech backer

The backing board in between the shoes
is cut away in a later operation

When the glue had setup the bracket was got to size and mounted onto the inside face of the outer door. The rear of the shave could then touch the inside face of the door. I mounted a magnet into the door but ensured it was just slightly proud of the surface as the rear of the shave was not perfectly flat.

For the more unusually shaped convex shave I found that I could use the upper bracket of the convex shave to hold the blade in place. However this would mean cutting away the backing board resulting in two shoes.

The lower shoe was shaped and mounted underneath the spoke shave. Again a magnet was glued into place in a hole drilled into the inner face of the door.

The resulting arrangement couldn't have been better and has turned out better than anticipated.

All four shaves are now in place.
As can be seen the convex shave nestles
into the bracket shoes holding the concave shave

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